Cable Protection Tips: Write Down What Each Cable Is For

Cable Protection Tips: Write Down What Each Cable Is For

First of all, how about making sure the cables are being used? See what each one is for and keep it out of sight of all who are just taking up space. To never get lost in this process again, we have a tip: write down what each cable is for. It may be with a handwritten note attached to sticky tape, but just knowing that one wire is from the video game and the other from the TV, your life will become more practical, especially when looking for that HDMI cable.

It also pays to be precise when taking notes. Let’s say, for example, that you and your child have the same cell phone and are constantly arguing about whose charger it is. Then note that the problem ends! If you want to make everything more beautiful, you can paste colored stickers to identify without having to write, like one on the USB cable and another on the part that connects to the socket. Choose a color for each, and that’s it! Simple and efficient.

Hide Wires And Cables To Avoid Messy Printing

Did you separate the wires? Okay, now it’s time to make them disappear from the map. There are a few options for that such as cable protectors. The most traditional is to secure them to the baseboard with the help of a fixed wire – remembering only that if there is a door in the way, it must go over the portal and not stay on the floor. Channels can also be useful; install them in a place that doesn’t draw too much attention or choose a color that blends in with the environment.

Another tip to hide the wires is to use a wire organizer, which gathers all the cables in one place, avoiding the visual pollution of tangled cables. Velcro tapes can also be used for this purpose, so here’s a tip for those with some leftovers at home.

Don’t Hide The Wires

Finally, an unusual suggestion: don’t hide the wires. Calm down; that doesn’t mean they can stay the way they were before, messing up the environment. Our tip is to try to make them part of the decor. To do this, try to fasten them to the wall with wires, making fun drawings or movements. With that, they may even be apparent, but no one will think the house is untidy – on the contrary: they will think you are very stylish.