Venusia: The NFT Marketplace for Models, Influencers and Collectors

Venusia: The NFT Marketplace for Models, Influencers and Collectors

Without a doubt, the NFT market has attracted more users than anyone could expect this year. This hot-selling crypto product has become 2021’s dominant subject in crypto, billed as the disrupter for operations in the music and art industries. Many onlookers, even some creators, ask tough questions regarding the future of NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital collectibles that represent ownership of a unique physical or digital asset. NFT collectors are always looking to get their hands on tokens whose value will appreciate in the future. With a hyped market, choosing the best NFT to purchase from a pool of alternatives could be distressing. Not anymore after this read.

The Self-sustaining NFT Marketplace

Introducing Venusia, an NFT marketplace for collectors to get tokens from their favorite verified models and influencers worldwide. Venusia is the first-ever dedicated marketplace that creates and lists erotic-themed NFTs.

For an industry where products derive value from their rarity and increasing demand, every NFT collector is out to purchase the asset that will have a higher demand in the future, so they can have it as a status symbol or sell it for mega profit. Creators, on the other hand, look to mint NFTs that are liked or highly demanded by collectors. This way, creators will make good money selling their works.

Venusia’s niche is within striking distance of the ideal NFT marketplace where creators and collectors alike get value for their investment. With billions of internet users worldwide, the platform’s models and influencers are ready traffic-triggers for driving up demand for their NFTs. Also, this traffic is essential to collectors who look to sell their collections at a profit.

Many NFT marketplaces offer a variety of tokens including songs, tweets, and artwork, all under one roof. While this may be thought of as convenient to creators, a dedicated marketplace like Venusia provides creators’ works with maximum impressions since collectors have undivided attention while exploring content on the platform. Additionally, unlike top marketplaces that have been swarmed by scam artists, collectors on Venusiawill access the best and rarest content from verified models and influencers.

Bringing Traffic to Venusia

Models and influencers’ sway on the internet population are generating massive traffic to the marketplace already. Also, many internet users and NFT collectors who love erotic content have added to the surging traffic on Venusia. Here are other ways the platform attracts traffic:

Explore content for free: Users can browse through content by featured models even before signing up to the platform. Also, the website is intuitively designed for easy navigation and enhanced UX.

Create collectibles for free: Verified models and influencers can create NFTs at no cost on Venusia. Unlike most marketplaces that run on Ethereum, a blockchain network known for high gas fees, Venusia is built on the BSC network driving the minting cost of NFTs on the platform down.

Verified Models: Collectors are looking to purchase NFTs from verified creators. With uncertainties clouding other marketplaces regarding the authenticity of creators, Venusia’s dedication to verifying creators’ profiles will make it a collectors’ favorite platform.

Towards the Future

Venusia is advancing fast and looking to add new features that will drive more demand for erotic collectibles. These upcoming features include private content visible only to buyers of the NFTs, accepting multiple cryptocurrencies for payments, and automated fund withdrawalsfor creators. Coupled with the platform’s existing dynamic features, Venusia is making a mark for

the future of NFTs.


On the platform you will already find top 1% models and porn-stars that are selling NFTs, they have partners in the industry that makes them impressively well set to disrupt the adult content market. They also have they their own token used for everything on their platform $VENUS.

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